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Reflections in the Snow.

It’s been a while since my last blog.  Since then the world has been a bit of a blur due to exceptionally heavy work demands and a few other things that needed to be sorted. As a result the blog, my writing and everything that seems to have been in any way relaxing had to take a back seat. It was a month that I knew was coming and I knew that it would just have to be navigated and navigate it we did – with some success.  Friday night was the end point of this manic period and we went to see Harry Potter, I’m not a great fan of the films or the books,  but the local cinema has reopened and needs support. As a film it was Ok I suppose,  a bit drawn out – so I can understand those who feel that the whole book could have been played out in one film. Anyway, we came out to snow and we have had loads of the white fluffy stuff since.

Looking out my back door

Today is day 5 of the snow, we have about a foot of snow which has made travelling difficult, as a result this is day 2 of my absence from work. I have to say that being absent from work, I find difficult. I have been up both mornings trying to work out whether to travel the 42 miles to work and then spent the first few hours making guilty phone calls to colleagues giving instructions and lists of things to do. It’s difficult to shake off that Protestant work ethic.

I’m not the only one it seems, there are tweets and blogs talking about our inability to manage such weather in the UK and how unwelcome the resultant chaos is. There are very few mentions of the advantages or benefits of the real white stuff and there are many to consider. Here is my brief list.

  1. I have had two relaxing days, playing catch up with things that I haven’t done over the last while.
  2. Time with family, friends and even pets. The bad weather has forced me to ensure that my father is OK and I have phoned him every day, dropped off supplies, cleared his garden path etc. I’ve probably seen more of him over the last few days than I have seen of him over the last few months. The severity of the weather has also meant that the outdoor cats have been brought into the house and

    Why the cats are in the house.

    are getting much more attention.

  3. I can still teach, via the web. One of the blogs I read today outlined how our inability to manage the snow meant that student education was disrupted and that we couldn’t afford that kind of interruption to, already, quite short term times. With Virtual Learning Environments and social media this shouldn’t be a problem, I sometimes think our commitment to brick and mortar stops us from fully exploiting the flexibility of on-line education.
  4. My garden looks as good as all the others in the street – a rare achievement.
  5. You talk to the neighbours. Most times we pass by with the occasional nod and pleasant exchanges. Clearing drives, digging cars out result in good old neighbourly coversation. I do think, you can tell personalities through the extent and amount of snow clearing each of your neighbours undertake.
  6. It looks gorgeous.
  7. There are more benefits including being able to splat people with the occasional snowball without any real consequence.

It’s still snowing outside and the forecast is for it to continue. No doubt, the anxiety of should I try to get to my work and risk the elements will start again tomorrow morning.

Finally, we can’t have a Rhumtetum blog without a picture of a cat or a mention of ‘Bernie Bolts Bergen’ so I have attached a copy of my latest attempt at a book promo video, created while watching the snow fall.

Keep warm



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