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I suspect that the majority of postings at this time of the year reflect on the year gone past and give thoughts for the new year ahead. I did think about doing something different, but as I sit in our living room with the Christmas tree in the corner and plans for Hogmanay, the 1st and 2nd of January dominating our conversations I reverted to the expected.

Nemie Sabie


In terms of years it was a bit of a mixed bag, despite plans to the contrary, work dominated our lives, we need to pay the bills and this big old house likes to eat the money, which meant that plans for writing for pleasure were constantly under pressure. We unexpectedly lost one of the most stunning cats, Coco, we have ever had the pleasure to be owned by, which shook us up a bit and we lost another star Nemie Sabie to CRF.

The cats, as all who have read my blog before will know, form a major part of our lives, there are currently 10 of them, all living in the house just now because it’s far too cold outside. Lots of my tweets have  involved the cats, the majority of pictures have been about the cats and the blogs too. I think every cat has featured at some stage but just in case I’ve missed anyone I’ve listed them all here – Torsay, Costa, Mousa, Pixie, Bute, Munchkin, Misty, Leo, Fara and Teaser. Teaser is Bernie’s sister, the cat that formed the basis of Bernie Bolts Bergen.

One of my key goals for 2010 was to put Bernie Bolts Bergen out in the hope that someone would like it. I refrained from declaring in my profile that I was an author, even now I hesitate, I think that will continue until I manage to find an agent who likes my work. Feedback on the book has been good and I have to thank Molly Campbell (check her blog out http://mollydcampbell.com), (Molly, I do hope the books arrive soon) and @Danepoes  for their continued support.

Daantje and the book. Pic copyright Danepoes




The last part, i.e. support, is important. Through Twitter, I have met some wonderful people across the globe and find myself checking their tweets to hear what they have been up to, and looking forward to their comments, insights and general tweets. I see them as friends and look forward to tweeting with them through 2011.

As for 2011, I don’t like setting New Year resolutions so there aren’t any. However, there will be a new book and it does involve a cat, it’s for a slightly older reading group and is a little dark but we will see how it goes. I will do something more with Bernie Bolts Bergen but that is being kept under wraps for the time being. I will continue to tweet with my twitter pals and I hope they with me. Hopefully, new friendships will emerge and develop. Tomorrow is  Hogmanay so I wish everyone a most wonderful and prosperous 2011.

Speak soon.




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