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Stir Crazy Cats

   Two weeks into the New Year and, at last, I have found time to sit down and write my first blog of 2011.  Since my last blog I have read all the blogs that highlight how easy it is to lose followers, friends and fans due to, inter alia, intermittent blogging. The message is clear. Yes, I feel guilty and I know that I should have put together a fresh blog, but I truly just have not had the time. New Year came, I had a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable time catching up with family etc and I did no work or writing at all.

The plan was that when the world started up again, I would be fresh and ready to go. The first few days back at work were nice and gentle, all was well. What, I didn’t realise is that the carriage I had jumped on was being slowly pulled up to the top of a track under the cover on darkness. On Monday, the start of my first full week back, the chain was released and the journey downhill commenced and it wasn’t long before the carriage picked up speed. A week of meetings, lectures, timetabling, budgeting, two really late nights and a few problems to solve have all conspired to eat up the time.

Meantime, on the domestic front there have been other bits and pieces to do including laying a laminate floor on Sunday for one of our daughters at her house. A couple of other items, including a piece of work that I returned/rejected before Christmas that required my attention, squeezed through the letterbox during the week. As a result of the long hours and heavy workload, my need for sleep has increased, but sleep has become precious. I rise about 06.30, so early nights, every now and then, are worth their weight in gold but grabbing that sleep has proved difficult. The reason – snow, freezing temperatures and cats.  

On 30 November, I blogged about my 5th day of snow, little did I know that more than one month later we would still have snow on the ground. In fact, today is the first of us being able to see any grass on our back lawn. As a result of the snows and its associated prolonged cold period we have had to bring all the cats into the house. The cat runs and pens have sat under a pile of ice and frozen snow. Each room now has at least 2 cats in it, there are cat trays everywhere and keeping the rooms tidy is an absolute nightmare. At first, all the cats were delighted but they soon tired of it all. New toys, new foods, room rotations and new attention regimes have all been adopted to keep them occupied.  However, 6 weeks later the boys Mousa, Costa and Leo are singing their hearts out, each knowing that there are at least two other Tom cats in the house. The girls know that there are three entire boys in the house and they like to sing too. The neutered cats are completely bemused and join the chorus. Each night requires a ritual of cat management to ensure every cat is happy so bed time is always late and 6 hours undisturbed sleep is, but a memory.  The rain is coming, the snow is disappearing and there is a chance the cats will get out this weekend. With luck the caterwauling will stop, I’ll get a sleep and I can find some time to get back to my writing.

Purrrrrrs and Nudges



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