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Seil and that Book Title.

It’s been a busy few weeks since I last blogged and this weekend seems to be the first one in all that time with a little ‘me’ space. It is also a very poignant time as five years ago at this time we lost Seil and one year ago, again at this time,we lost Nemie Sabie. Two amazing tom cats both large in stature and in character. There aren’t too many cats who will walk on a lead, present a paw for food, play fetch and generally make you feel the most important person in the world. Even in the veterinary hospital Seil would wonder round with the staff doing their rounds and even they, despite their best efforts to save him, were heartbroken when he died. A very rare photo of my first boy, Seil, he receives a brief mention in the book & was such an adorable #cat

Nemie didn’t perform the same tricks, but was a beautiful show cat with an array of titles to his name and a

wonderful house cat.

Both cats gave our  house and our daughter’s house a soul, welcoming people into our homes – our house as a result was never empty. However, I didn’t want to write a maudlin blog today – my hope was to write something positive as I haven’t posted a blog for some time. I have to stop saying I haven’t posted a blog…… it appears all too often.

The second book has come to a bit of a halt, partly because my day job has been so manic I don’t think in over 20 years of teaching I’ve ever worked as hard as I have over the last few months. I think what doesn’t help the second book is that it doesn’t have a title – it has a  plot, the first two chapters are written and have been for a while and I know what comes next and what still needs to be researched, but it has no name. My first book Bernie Bolts Bergen had a title before it had a story – I always liked the alliteration and generally felt it worked. Because the book had a title, I felt I owned it, it was my baby, it was my job to nurture it until it was a full story and ready to fly, which it did last year. It became known in the house as Bernie’s book, and even this year as we add illustrations to a fresh edition it is referred to by its nickname. But the new book is anonymous, it has no nickname because it has no name. I like the storyline of my new book, much of the story was in my head, while I was finishing off Bernie’ s tale, but I don’t have that feeling of attachment yet.

It has a cat in it, there’s a surprise, and the cat in the book will be derived from one of my old male toms. Should the title be the single name of one of the cats – if it is a single name it will need a strap line to support it; should I seek an alliteration like Rhumtetum Rumbles Rogues, doesn’t work for me nor does it fit; should I try and find some way of encapsulating the essence of the story in one sentence such as the ‘The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time’ not the snappiest title ever chosen but it works. Until I have a name, nickname or working title I fear I will continue to struggle to truly identify with my story. Seil and Nemie will play a part in the book, whether they will have the lead role remains to be seen and whether they appear in the title has still to be determined, I still can’t envision Seil, for example, as the title.

I need a working title and I need it fast – my key writing time approaches (school holidays) – I need to own this story to finish it – hopefully, my eureka moment will come.



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