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Writing again.

Usually at this time of year my tweeting and blogging rate increase mainly because I have more time to write and relax. For a number of reasons the writing and blogging has not happened and there is no one reason or explanation that I can offer. The last few weeks I have to say have been relaxing, I have plodded around the garden, been to the gym, several times, and wandered around some of Fife’s wonderful coastline,

'Bach' in sand at Crail

but each night just as I’m about to doze off there is a feeling of guilt that I should have spent at least some of my time writing.

Lighthouse at Elie

I feel better, the garden looks much better, even the cats will testify to that, and generally things have been very pleasant. Meantime, my scribbled mind/plot maps are still in the main scribbled mind/plot maps. I have, though, converted some of the plot maps into prose and thought I would share the draft opening paragraphs of my next book. The book is best described as a YA book and is aimed at an older age group than Bernie Bolts Bergen. It is as you may guess from the excerpt below a slightly darker tale.

‘Boom! Boom! Boom!

The door thundered on its hinges and the windows, the pictures on the entrance hallway wall, and even the small china cat which sat on the wooden telephone table reverberated with the noise. The hammering of  fists on the red front door echoed both inside and outside the terraced house. The thumping was like no other that Jack would hear ever again, it was official, urgent and panic stricken all rolled into one.

Jack stopped dead on the spot. He had been running up the stairs to his bedroom when his world crashed around him. He looked down from the sixth step of the steep staircase to see his mum charge through from the living room, the door smashed against the living room wall as she did so, and she flung the front door open. There stood two people, Jack could only see one, but he could hear the voices of two. As strange as it sounds Jack’s life was flashing by as if in slow motion. This was a day that he would never ever forget.’

There it is, I’m writing again. Over the next few weeks I shall yield some more excerpts as I transfer my scribbles into some sense or other. If you want to comment on the paragraphs above, please feel free to do so.




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