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The saving of the Pound

This blog is a bit of a departure from previous blogs. We were ploughing though some old political papers belonging to my wife’s grandfather and found some lyrics which I thought may be of general interest. By way of background grandfather held political office from 1920s through WW2.

According to the notes the lyrics are sung to to the tune ‘The Wearin’ of the Green.’   I have presented the lyrics as best I can, in the same manner as those found. There is no indication of the origin of the lyrics, dates or any other detail. The lyrics are with other bits and pieces relating to the 1930’s. What is probably of interest is how the lyrics may still resonate in our current economic situation.

The Wearing of the Pound

Tune: ‘The Wearin’ of the Green’

O, Ramsay dear, and did you hear

The news that’s goin’ around

The Frenchmen and the Yankees

They are flying from the Pound.

So drop the Russian Bogey

Let the clarion call resound

We must cut the workers’ wages

For the saving of the Pound

The women and the children first

Is the maxim of the sea

And that’s the sentiment with which

The Government agree,

So cut the social services

Let misery abound,

The only thing that matters

Is the saving of the Pound

                                                Chorus:            O, the saving of the Pound

                                                                        O, the saving of the Pound

                                                                         The only thing that matters

                                                                        Is the saving of the Pound.

Then let Ramsay fly from Scotland

And Philip come from Churt

Let Thomas don his dress suit

And put on his boiled shirt.

The bankers are in trouble

and some money will be found

So we’ll search the worker’s pockets

For the saving of the Pound

Your tobacco will be dearer,

And your beer will cost you more:

If you paid two pound in Income Tax

You now must pay a score

For Norman’s told the Saxon,

Gael and Celt to hand around

And sacrifice their principles

For the saving of the Pound.

                                            Chorus:            O, the saving of the Pound

                                                                        O, the saving of the Pound

                                                                        They’re starving men and women

                                                                        For the saving of the Pound.

I met with Philip Snowden,

And he took me by the hand,

And said, ‘How’s dear old sterling, boy,

And how does it stand?’

It’s reducing teacher’s wages

That will make it safe and sound;

We must cut on Education

For the saving of the Pound

‘Bear ye one another’s burdens,’

Is a saying old and true’

So we’re bearing Baring’s burdens

And Lazard’s and Schroeder’s, too;

The Unemployed must suffer,

But the City will be sound;

To hell with all that matters,

But the saving of the Pound.

                                                            Chorus: O, the saving of the Pound

                                                                              O, the saving of the Pound

                                                                               The only thing that worries

                                                                               Is the saving of the Pound.

 Hope you enjoyed.




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You’re Het

Mousa in his stud pants

Mousa in his stud pants

I needed an excuse to kick start my blog. This last while my blog has fallen away for a variety of reasons (excuses) and over the last few weeks, despite having some good ideas I just haven’t got round to it, until now. The catalyst for the change being Martha Rodriguez, http://areelcoolsummer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/back-to-our-youth-authors-playing-tag.html ,  in a game of author tag. Hence, the title ‘you’re het’ a scottish variation of the usual tag term ‘you’re it.’ For some reason the idea has struck a chord and I have returned to my blog. The next blog, which I will post towards the end of this coming week, is something truly exciting found among old, 1930’s and 1940’s, political papers in our garage.  I’m sure that it will be enjoyed by everyone who reads it, but readers will have to wait another day or so for further details. Oh, for any new readers, I always include a picture of one of our cats in my blog. Why? I just do. The picture today is our large tom cat wandering around our livingroom with his anti-spray pants on.

 Back to the game of tag in which Martha kindly involved me.

The rules of the game, as supplied by Martha, are as follows:  
1.  Go to page 77 of your current WIP (work in progress).
2. Go to line seven.
3.  Copy down the next seven lines or sentences as written and post them to your blog or website.
4.  Tag seven authors.
5.  Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Like Martha, I’m still shy of 77 pages, I have taken my 7 line extract from page 27 of my WIP entitled ‘Seil’.

He pulled out a remaining  cheese and ham sandwich, removed the cheese and the ham and offered them to the cat. The offer was  received with gratitude, and little time was taken to savour the taste as the cat bolted the food down.

 ‘I told you, he was hungry.’

 ‘Aye! We have to get to school,’ said Zander.  ‘Leave him, let’s go’  

The two boys turned away and walked the two streets to the school. Behind them walked their newfound  friend, or more importantly Jack’s new found friend: a muscly lilac grey, proud cat. His smiling Cheshire cat face smiled more than before, his chest struck out with purpose and his tail stood as erect as a telegraph pole pointing directly to the sky.’

I have, in this game of chance, tagged the following authors

Ben Woodward http://www.booksbyben.com/

Rahma Krambo http://www.rahmakrambo.com/

Noah Murphy http://k23detectives.com/

AR Silverberry http://www.arsilverberry.com/ 

Susan Leigh Noble http://www.independentauthornetwork.com/susan-leigh-noble.html

Michelle I Brooks http://www.BoneDressing.com

Jemima Pett http://jemimapett.wordpress.com/


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