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The holiday Monday started like any other day. Dad did some work on the computer and I was allowed out to do my thing in the garden and everybody seemed fine. After a while I was returned to my pen as Mum and Dad had to go out, but something was wrong. I couldn’t tell dad but I knew that something had happened. I think Dad picked up that I wasn’t quite right but he had seen everyone earlier in the day so there didn’t appear to be any cause for concern.

Anyway, Mum and Dad returned a few hours later and Dad did what he always does when he gets home he came out to speak to us. He shouted my name but I just lay there with my head on my paws. I did, I think after a minute, walk over to him, I meowed quietly and looked up. I think Dad knew at that point, something was wrong. He shouted Coco’s name but Coco didn’t come. He shouted again and whistled, but still no Coco. This time he knew that something was wrong. It was then he found Coco lying dead. She had been bouncing around in the morning and she hadn’t had a minute of illness in her whole life. So finding her was such a shock. Dad was really upset, he fetched Mum who burst into tears.


Those who have read some of my previous blogs will be aware of my affection for Coco. We came from the same breeder; mum and dad spent a lot of time tracking a tabby point of Coco’s calibre. Me, well I was an afterthought. almost a charity cause. I was quite poorly and mum says that she bought me in order to save me. So we were the same age, came from the same breeder, different breedings, and had been friends forever. Unlike me, Coco took the cat shows by storm and she achieved champion status within a few shows. Her markings even down to the cute thumbprint marks on the ears were just perfect. She was, and still is, the only cat that mum and dad have had professionally photographed, all in all she was such a beautiful creature. She was a perfect, but strict, mother rearing her kittens until they were about 6-8 weeks old; after that they had to come up to the mark. Even her kittens were beautiful. She was a loving cat who adored mum, (more than dad), and she would lie beside her and purr contentedly. But more than that, she was my friend.

The last week has been difficult. Dad buried Coco in the garden on Tuesday and the world has been a much quieter place since last week. Mum and Dad were upset and so was I. People forget or don’t accept that animals have feelings or emotions. Dad knew that I was upset on the Monday, on Tuesday, he kept checking up on me, as I moped around; I still can’t bring myself to go near the spot where Coco is buried. So, we animals do have feelings. Think of Greyfriars Bobby and look at the videos below, the squirrel defending his dead friend and the grieving chimps. As animals we may not communicate the way humans do but that may say as much about humans as does it about us. We sense loss and feel the pain of loss like any other. So remember us when loss does come around but also remember the love and pleasure we share.

We all hope to see Coco at the Rainbow Bridge where we know that she will be reunited with Rhumtetum and Rhumbaba. Until then she will, forever, be in our memories.

All my love.


P.S. Thanks to all of you who posted such kind words


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It’s been a strange old week. Last week, I told you about my need for company and how it was rewarded on Monday when Coco moved in. Well, on Wednesday, Coco left me so my reward was a very brief one. But later onWednesday Fara joined me, she is also a gorgeous cat, so since Wednesday I’ve been trying to woo this beautiful young cat. She like Coco comes with an impressive pedigree but she is playing hard to get. Every time I make a move she gives me a clout over the head for my troubles and she hisses at me like a snake. But as I have said before on this blog I will succeed. So no company for weeks and like the proverbial bus two lovely companions arrive in the same week.

Fara Waiy

I do like this time of year with its lighter nights; lots of birds in the garden and dad and mum working and sitting out in the garden makes it fun place to be. The weather has been great and because mum and dad are on holiday and have been at home most days I’ve been allowed to wander round the garden to my hearts content. Mousa, the one I battled with the other week, has been out on his harness. I’m not sure that a big tomcat like him should be seen on a harness but he seems to be enjoying it and dad is happy with him. As long as he, dad that is not Mousa, doesn’t try to put me on a harness we’ll be fine. The neighbours I think see dad as the one that’s behaving strangely as he wanders round the garden with this huge cat on a leash.

Mousa is being trained on the harness because he has behavioural problems and is very aggressive. He is an exceptionally large powerful cat and is a stunning example of his breed. He was a big softy who loved dad and would sit on top of the couch until dad came home from work and as soon as he arrived Mousa would ask to be picked up and cuddled.

As he got older, he like me was difficult to keep in the house. As entire cats we like to make our mark by spraying. We love the smell but mum and dad don’t, especially in the house, so we moved out to the pens. The pens are fine they have heating and lighting, a huge amount of spac,e and we get out and about in the garden. Things went well until last summer when the next door neighbours got garden contractors in. The contractors took chain saws to the trees behind the pens and scared the wits out of us. Mum and dad were at work when all this happened so they didn’t know anything about it. The workmen accidentally cut through all the power cables to the pens and because Mousa lives in the front pen he saw it all. I ran and hid in my cabin as did the other cats but Mousa had no fear of people and stayed out to watch. We think that one of the workmen came into the pen to check on any damage they might have caused and somehow scared Mousa. Whatever happened, since that day Mousa has been difficult to handle, biting dad and scaring mum. Dad has been working with him for weeks now and has managed to get Mousa to walk on the harness round the garden and he is handling much better. I wouldn’t have that patience.

Dad says he has to go back to work next week so my freedom will be curtailed. He also says, if his Bernie book is successful, things will change but until then I have to wait until he returns home from work every night before I can stroll the garden. He also says that he will continue to work each night with Mousa as he is responding to the attention and support that dad is giving him.

Mum has more confidence and is now happy to speak to Mousa and dad says he won’t give up.

Dad is  continuing to work hard on his book  ‘Bernie Bolts Bergen’ , The book is, I think, beginning to look really good and will be ready to launch soon so dad won’t give up there either.

I won’t give up on Fara because if I’m lucky I will be rewarded with another gorgeous feline companion. A hat-trick of lovely friends in as many weeks would be such a wonderful way to start summer.  If I’m lucky, I’ve been lucky so far this year, 2010 could just be my year.

So if you feel something is worthwhile don’t give up. Until next week I’ll leave you with the words of Peter Gabriel

‘Don’t give up
‘cos you have friends
Don’t give up
You’re not beaten yet
Don’t give up
I know you can make it good’

Purrs and meows



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‘ sings a streetsus serenade’

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of serenading at night. The girls next door have been singing too and I thought it was my job to make sure that they know that I’m available.  The girl who does the most singing is Coco, she is a stunner. I’ve posted her picture before but just in case you haven’t seen her I’ve included another pic.

Who can blame me for singing to such a gorgeous looking girl. The thing is that she sings back. It’s like Romeo and Juliet in that Dire Strait’s track where I sing ‘You and me babe, how about it’  and she meows ‘ yes’.

We’ve both been locked down the last few nights again to shut us up and to stop us disturbing the neighbours but I’ve managed to break curfew a couple of times this week though. On Monday I figured out how to open the window catches of my pen and climb out via the window. As soon as I get out I sing to Coco to let her know but that resulted in dad doing his grumpy bit at 3.00 am as he locked me down again. He screwed down the window catches. By Wednesday I had worked out how to move the cat flap locks  and escaped again. But mum and dad hadn’t worked out how I managed to get out, they thought they had forgot to put the locks on. Mum was up at 4.00 am and then 5.00 am, Dad got up at 6.00 am, in a really grumpy mood, by that time he had figured out my escape route. So now I’m really locked down at night.

The trouble is Mum and Dad; they don’t think I’m right for Coco. They think that she is special. She is a champion show cat and has won lots and lots of rosettes at various cat shows and her colourings are quite rare. Breeding her with me would result in tabby kittens that looked like me.  The last time she had kittens they were as pretty as her with her markings.  It’s almost as if they think I’m not good enough. Again, it’s like the song

‘I can’t do the talks, like they talk on the TV
And I can’t do a love song, like the way it’s meant to be
I can’t do everything, but I’ll do anything for you
I can’t do anything ‘cept be in love with you’

Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits

So where does this leave me? Well I need your help. If enough people respond and say let Costa and Coco get together, Mum and Dad might relent. So I need your vote. You will have to take my word for it that Coco is a willing partner in this and needs your vote too.

Remember a tweet or comment saying ‘Costa and Coco together’.

If there are no votes I might have to resort to a personal ad in ‘Our Cats’.




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I’m back. I had to use all my cutsie skills to get back on the blog today after last week’s shenanigans, more of which I will tell later.

Today was a glorious sunny spring day and dad was working in the garden all day.  I worked hard too. I chased that big juicy blackbird again, there is enough meat on that bird to feed me for at least two days. Despite my best attempts he is still at large but his time will come I’m sure of it. I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed out today after last week which I suppose I should tell you about.

After posting my Saturday meows  last week I was allowed to wander around the garden some more. Dad was popping in and out of the house so there was no problem. He spent some time in the cat pens speaking to Mousa one of the other cats and until last week’s encounter, one of my friends. Dad left Mousa’s pen unlocked. Mum asked him if that would be a problem. Dad said no because Mousa would not be able to open the run door. He was partly right because Mousa, despite being a huge powerful pussycat isn’t the brightest pussy cat in the world. But the problem bit he got wrong, he forgot that I could open doors and that is where the difficulties started

Dad popped inside the house and I decided to go and speak to Mousa in his run. We’d spoken lots of time before but he gets a little jealous when I get out. Anyway, I opened his door and walked into his pen. He snarled at me and I snarled back and that was it. He launched himself at me, taking me by surprise. I don’t like fighting, if you’ve seen my picture you’ll see I’m a friendly boy. But I had to defend myself from this 5kg plus cat so Round 1 of the fight commenced. The fight was nasty, it was a bit like the fight in Bernie’s book when he and Jingles do battle.

‘Both cats moved their heads violently from side to side trying to escape the others vice like grip whilst attempting to sink their razor sharp front fangs into their opponent. Locked together the two cats spun in a blur rolling around the floor of the tunnel. Unable to hit with their front paws they kicked and clawed each other with their back paws leaving deep scratches in the belly of their opponent. The noise and snarling continued and the air around the two cats was filled with flying fur and spit’  (Bernie Bolts Bergen (release April 2010)).

I managed to escape Mousa’s clutches and moved to another part of the pen. Dad appeared, he had heard the commotion and had come to separate us. I was glad. As I watched Dad coming towards the pen Mousa realised that I wasn’t paying attention and launched another attack. It was round 2; once more, we were locked in battle. Dad ran over and grabbed the nearest thing he could, a snow shovel. 

Slowly wedging the snow shovel between us he separated us and Mousa retreated, But I wasn’t finished, Mousa had started something and I, despite being a lot smaller than him, was going to finish it.  Much to Dad’s surprise and Mousa’s surprise I bounded over the top of the snow shovel landed on Mousa and knocked him over. Round 3 and I had the upper hand now and  I managed to get a few more blows in before Dad separated us for a final time.

Dad wasn’t pleased. We both had to be cleaned up I had a few scratches as did Mousa. I had taken some skin off my back leg which required Dad to treat it, it really nipped, and put a bandage on me. He then cleaned Mousa up and treated his wounds. We were both given some cat painkillers. In fighting terms it was a draw but Mousa can no longer claim to be top cat.

As for me Dad removed the bandage today. everything has healed. I’m back to my usual purry self although Dad hasn’t completely forgiven me, especially after that last attack. The girls now think that I’m not only a good looking cat but I’m also a brave boy having taken on the big bruiser.  Mousa, I think, would like a rematch but I can’t see Dad agreeing.

Better Go



PS problem with the pics tonight will load some later

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I enjoy Saturdays. I get to roam the garden and chase the birds. The robin that I talked about last week is back but I’ve decided, for today, just to ignore him.  I’ll let him get over confident and then I’ll get him.There is also a gorgeous big juicy blackbird that I would like to catch but he’s too wise. One chase and he’s off, unlike the robin who likes to tease.

Mornings are great just now the birds are all back after a cold hard winter. There are a couple of nesting birds in the garden and the whole thing bursts into life at 5.00 am for a few hours. Even though I can’t catch them I like the activity.

I’m still banned from the kitchen, something to do with my attempts to re-scent it with the occasional spray.

On a very personal note I am extremely disappointed, and frustrated I may add, as I have had no female company so far this year. I am caring, affectionate, handsome and look after my girls when they are with me. There are three girls next door and each one would love my company but it doesn’t appear to be happening. As you can see from the pics I produce the most adorable kittens.  The last litter I sired had seven kittens in it and every single kitten looked like me! That’s dominant genes for you.

Apparently mum and dad have said that they don’t have time for kittens just now and we will have to wait until later in the year. What time they need I don’t know. I do all the initial work and then the mum rears the kittens. Meantime they will have to put up with my singing throughout the day and night. ‘I’m just a lonely boy’ is currently my favourite number. I’m thinking of starting my own facebook campaign to get mum and dad to change their mind. I wonder if anyone would vote?

It’s sunny out there and there are cat tasks to do.  I’ve hedges and trees to scratch and spray, birds to chase, songs to sing and a warm spot to lie down on.

See you all next Saturday



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