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You’re Het

Mousa in his stud pants

Mousa in his stud pants

I needed an excuse to kick start my blog. This last while my blog has fallen away for a variety of reasons (excuses) and over the last few weeks, despite having some good ideas I just haven’t got round to it, until now. The catalyst for the change being Martha Rodriguez, http://areelcoolsummer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/back-to-our-youth-authors-playing-tag.html ,  in a game of author tag. Hence, the title ‘you’re het’ a scottish variation of the usual tag term ‘you’re it.’ For some reason the idea has struck a chord and I have returned to my blog. The next blog, which I will post towards the end of this coming week, is something truly exciting found among old, 1930’s and 1940’s, political papers in our garage.  I’m sure that it will be enjoyed by everyone who reads it, but readers will have to wait another day or so for further details. Oh, for any new readers, I always include a picture of one of our cats in my blog. Why? I just do. The picture today is our large tom cat wandering around our livingroom with his anti-spray pants on.

 Back to the game of tag in which Martha kindly involved me.

The rules of the game, as supplied by Martha, are as follows:  
1.  Go to page 77 of your current WIP (work in progress).
2. Go to line seven.
3.  Copy down the next seven lines or sentences as written and post them to your blog or website.
4.  Tag seven authors.
5.  Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Like Martha, I’m still shy of 77 pages, I have taken my 7 line extract from page 27 of my WIP entitled ‘Seil’.

He pulled out a remaining  cheese and ham sandwich, removed the cheese and the ham and offered them to the cat. The offer was  received with gratitude, and little time was taken to savour the taste as the cat bolted the food down.

 ‘I told you, he was hungry.’

 ‘Aye! We have to get to school,’ said Zander.  ‘Leave him, let’s go’  

The two boys turned away and walked the two streets to the school. Behind them walked their newfound  friend, or more importantly Jack’s new found friend: a muscly lilac grey, proud cat. His smiling Cheshire cat face smiled more than before, his chest struck out with purpose and his tail stood as erect as a telegraph pole pointing directly to the sky.’

I have, in this game of chance, tagged the following authors

Ben Woodward http://www.booksbyben.com/

Rahma Krambo http://www.rahmakrambo.com/

Noah Murphy http://k23detectives.com/

AR Silverberry http://www.arsilverberry.com/ 

Susan Leigh Noble http://www.independentauthornetwork.com/susan-leigh-noble.html

Michelle I Brooks http://www.BoneDressing.com

Jemima Pett http://jemimapett.wordpress.com/



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Chapter 1 : Mrs Johnstone






The door thundered on its hinges and the windows, the pictures on the entrance hallway wall, and even the small china cat which sat on the wooden telephone table reverberated with the noise. The hammering of fists on the red front door echoed both inside and outside the terraced house. The thumping was like no other that Jack would hear ever again, it was official, urgent and panic stricken all rolled into one.

Jack stopped, rooted to the spot. He had been running up the stairs to his bedroom when his world crashed around him. He looked down from the sixth step of the steep staircase to see his mum charge through from the living room, the room door smashed against the living room wall as she did so and she flung the front door open. There stood two people; Jack could only see one, but he could hear the voices of two. As strange as it sounds Jack’s life was flashing by as if in slow motion. This was a day that he would never ever forget.

‘Come! Come quickly!’

It was a man’s voice.

 Jack could also hear the sound of a woman’s voice, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying. He did hear his younger brother’s name being mentioned followed by the hysterical shrieks of his mother as she ran down the garden path. She staggered down the steps at the foot of the garden supported by the woman that had been at the door, which was now wide open to the world.

Jack stood, numb, still on that sixth stair. Something serious had happened; his mum had gone with the two people who arrived at the door, his dad was at work and he was on his own.

Jack could hear more voices outside. He edged his way down the stairs to the open front door to see what was going on. First his right foot, then a pause, then his left foot, yet, another pause and so on. Each of the six steps was deliberately and slowly negotiated and his ears strained to pick up any sounds that would give a clue to the cause of the commotion outside. After what seemed a lifetime, it only took five minutes, he reached the bottom stair and started to walk across the hall to the open front door.

‘Hi! It’s Jack, isn’t it?’

As Jack had stepped across the hall way a young police officer appeared in the entranceway. Jack stopped.

‘It is Jack?’

Jack nodded.

‘My name is Kim’.

He glanced up at the police officer; she wasn’t wearing her hat. Why he had noticed that she had no hat on, he wasn’t sure. It seemed to make her more approachable; she seemed nice and she looked pretty, but why was she here, he wasn’t in any trouble; he hadn’t done anything wrong.

‘What’s happened? Where’s my mum?’

Even though it was clear that something was troubling the police officer, she kept cool and smiled softly. She spoke gently to the ten year old boy whose life was entering a period of turmoil that would stay with him for the rest of his days.

‘Your mum will be back later. Let’s go into the living room. Shall we?’

Jack led the police officer through to the living room. A pile of un-ironed clothes lay at one end of the black leather sofa, at the other end was a neat pile of ironed clothes and a half ironed shirt was draped on the ironing table. Despite the suddenness of events Jack’s mum had had the presence of my mind to switch the iron off and place it in the cradle on the ironing board. Jack sat down on one of the four dining room chairs at the table at the end of the room. Kim sat on one of the two black leather chairs and nodded to Jack to come and sit with her. Jack walked over and sat down on the chair which faced the large TV in the corner; it was his dad’s chair. Jack and his younger brother, Jason, would sit with his dad on Sundays and watch the football.

‘What about Jason? He’ll be worried if he gets home to find it’s only me in the house.

‘Don’t you worry about that,’ replied Kim.

Kim and Jack talked about all sorts of things over the next 30 minutes or so. They talked about school, who his friends were, what he had been doing over the autumn break, what is hobbies were and what computer and DS games he liked. Kim shared Jack’s interest in computer games; he thought that it was strange that an adult, and a police officer, knew so much about computer games. He liked her, she seemed interested in him, but he was still unsure why she was in his house.

The front door opened. Jack jumped up from his chair.

‘Mum! Mum!’

A face peered round the living room door. Jack’s heart sank when he realised it wasn’t his mum. He was puzzled, it was Mrs Johnstone, Zander’s mum, who lived a few streets away. Mrs Johnstone looked very pale; she looked as if she had been crying. Normally a very well dressed and presented woman Mrs Johnstone looked a bit disheveled, her blouse was heavily creased and her hair looked as if it hadn’t been brushed or combed at all today. She had obviously left her own house in a hurry. What worried Jack more was that Mrs Johnstone had another police officer with her. He was a tall young man and he too spoke gently.

‘Kim, can we have a quite word?’

The two police officers went through to the hall. Jack could hear their hushed voices but not well enough to make out what they were saying.

‘How are you?’ asked Mrs Johnstone.

‘I’m Ok. What has happened?’ Jack asked

‘I’ll explain later. Would you like to come and sleep over at our place tonight? Zander would love you to come and stay over.’

‘I’ll need to ask to my mum,’ he replied.

‘I spoke to her earlier. It’s Ok. Let’s go upstairs and grab a few bits and pieces, your pyjamas and toothbrush.’

Jack nodded. Something was wrong. Why was this happening?

The two police officers smiled as Jack and Mrs Johnstone passed them in the hall and climbed the stairs to his bedroom. Once in the room he pulled his old sports bag from under his bed, placed it on the bed and unzipped the bag. Inside the bag was a dirty pair of socks, the gym kit that he wore before mid-term break and his training shoes. The bag was slightly smelly.

‘What will I do with the dirty stuff ?’ he asked.

‘Just put it on the chair in the corner and we can sort it later,’ replied Mrs Johnstone.

‘Where are your clean clothes?’

Jack pointed to the chest of drawers against the wall. Jack opened the top drawer and took out a pair of pants and a pair of socks.

‘Why don’t you take a couple of pairs with you? Just in case.’

Jack turned around.

‘Mrs Johnstone, has something bad happened?’

Mrs Johnstone smiled and avoided answering the question.

‘Come on. Let’s hurry we might get a lift in the police car if we are quick,’ she said

Jack finished packing his bag. He collected his toothbrush from the bathroom and he descended the stairs behind Mrs Johnstone. Kim and the young policeman were waiting at the foot of the stairs.

‘Kim. Do you think we should give this young man a lift in the police car?’ said the policeman.

 Kim smiled. ‘Yes, Scott. I think we can do it on this occasion.’

The police man opened the front door; he and Mrs Johnstone were followed out by Kim and Jack and they walked down the garden path in pairs. At the bottom of the garden, stood some neighbours, a few of the women were in tears. As Jack approached them not a word was spoken and everybody bowed their head. Along, the street, maybe 100 yards or so, Jack could see the flashing lights of a police car, police van, an ambulance and a fire engines.

‘What’s happened?’ asked Jack.

‘It’s Ok. Let’s get in the car,’ said Mrs Johnstone .

The two police officers waited until Jack and Mrs Johnstone had fastened their seatbelts in the back of the car before they climbed in. The two police officers jumped in the front. Scott, the policeman was driving, while Kim turned and spoke to Jack trying to reassure him that he would be Ok. Jack now knew that there was a problem, he still hadn’t worked out what it was but whatever it was it was bad and it had something to do with him or his family. He started to cry, Mrs Johnstone hugged and hugged him; she didn’t know what else to do. It wasn’t her job to tell him that his little brother had been killed in a hit and run accident that should be the job of his mum and dad. Her thoughts turned to Jack’s mum ‘poor woman, she must be going through hell.’

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